Why Offer Finance A San Antonio Home?

benefits of owner financing a home
For many people, owner financing is the best way to own a home… particularly when you’re faced with bad or no credit but have a down payment. We can help!

There are a lot of benefits of owner financing on your next San Antonio home!

In the San Antonio area, lots of smart people are using owner financing as a way to get the home of their dreams without having to qualify for a bank loan right away.

In the past few years, banks have been very tight on their lending criteria. Most people who use owner financing avoid the hassle of dealing with banks.

Here are a few more reasons to consider owner financing:

  • Stop Renting! Why make your landlord rich, start building your own equity.
  • Own without great credit. Past credit problems? You get a second chance.
  • Easy Qualification. Banks will require you to be in a perfect situation before you are approve.  We don’t, let your down payment be your credit.
  • Move in fast. Since you don’t have to wait for a mortgage, you can often move in right away – and get started living a new life in the home of your dreams!

So don’t wait!

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