Homes2Go.NET offers the perfect solution for those who don’t fit into the traditional home buying plan. Yes, it would be great if you could get a new loan from a mortgage company or bank but sometimes you just can’t (For whatever reason).

Choosing an “Owner Financed” home makes perfect since and don’t be surprised if your monthly payment is equal to or less than the rent payment you are used to making.

Homes2Go.NET is looking for good people that have had bad things happen to them in the past. The key words are “in the past.” If you’ve had problems but the problems are over… Homes2Go.NET wants to talk to you. Help us help you get out  of the rent cycle and into your own home.

How do you FIRE YOUR LANDLORD? Simply go to www.Homes2Go.NET and pick out one of our homes.

Drive by the home. Get out and walk around the home. Peak through the windows. Check out the neighborhood.

If this is the home for you, click on the Application Button and complete our simple application and then gives us a call and we will schedule a showing right away. If everything is agreeable, you’ll already have your application in hand and we’ll be able to give you a YES or NO within 48 hrs.

Thank you for searching at www.Homes2Go.NET

Mitch Stephen