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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about our company, service, and properties we offer on this website:

  • What does “Owner Financing” actually mean?
  • What are the benefits of owner financing?
  • What is the buying process like?
  • How long does the buying process take?
  • Do these homes come with a warranty?
  • What if I don’t have perfect credit?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How much is the down payment?
  • How much will my payments be?
  • What is included in my owner finance payment?
  • How much are the closing costs?
  • What is the Escrow Servicing Fee?
  • Is there a penalty for early payment?
  • What if I can’t make the payments after I’m the owner?


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 A lot of people call use expecting a “Rent-To-Own Program” but that’s not what we do. We want to make you the “Owner!” 99% of the time, we’re able to do just that; you go straight to ownership!

– This is NOT a rent to own program.

– This is NOT a contract for deed

– This in NOT a lease with an option.

You own your home right from the day you move in.

You may also hear this kind of transaction called…

– Seller Financing or Seller Financed Homes

– Homes By Owner or Owner Financed Homes

– Owner To Owner or For Sale By Owner

in Spanish…

– Dueno A Dueno or Casas A Dueno

There are three main requirements;

#1. You must have a substantial down payment

#2. You must be able to prove you can make the monthly payment.

#3. You must be able to meet with the RMLO three times throughout the process.

At Homes2Go.NET we do we do everything by the book!

Once you’ve decided on the home that fits you and your family, a professional Residential Loan Originator (RMLO) is assigned to you. The RMLO helps you move smoothly through the home buying process and gets you all the paperwork and documentation you need for a legitimate, official loan.

Upon completion of your home purchase, YOU will be listed as the “Property Tax Payer of Record” at the local county courthouse; You are the owner!

So stop paying rent and start being an owner. You can start today!

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How do I go about finding my home?

The very first step is to view the homes we offer here on our website.

– Print out the homes that interest you.

– Drive to those home to look at them. Get out of your car, walk around the home, look through the windows, check out the neighborhood!

– If you like the home, call the phone number in the front window. This phone number will connect you to a person that will get you inside the home and connect you with an RMLO to get the buying process started if you decide to move forward. Expect the person that shows you the house to ask you for a deposit and for the application fee.

IMPORTANT: We always give receipts for funds collected. Make sure you hold on to your receipts and copies of your paperwork.

It all starts by finding the right home. We offer all types of homes;

RENOVATED HOMES offer the buyer a chance to move right in and start living the American Dream.

SLIGHTLY WORN HOMES These homes generally need some repairs and offer the buyer the chance to gain home ownership by combining a partial down payment + some “sweet equity.” Sweet Equity is when you do some work on the house because you’re short on the down payment.

EXAMPLE: The required down payment for the home you want is $10,000 cash, but you only have $5,000 cash. The home needs a new roof and you are a roofer. We accept the $5,000 cash and agree to make you the owner once you put a new roof on the home. You do some work instead of coming up with the $5,000 cash you were short.

FIXER UPPER HOMES offer buyers the chance to own with less down payment and a lower monthly payments…and the opportunity to renovate the property to suit you style and your needs.

After deciding on a home, the next step is to get with the RMLO and they’ll help you complete an application. Expect to pay a small application fee and agree to let us pull you credit history and do a background check. Don’t worry – we help people with all kinds of credit and financial situations. We’ll also need to show proof of income (if possible). We want to make sure you can afford the payment. We don’t want owning a new home to me stressful for you; that’s no way to live. If we believe you can afford the home, we can help you to own it!

The RMLO is responsible for making sure you understand all the terms of your contract. The RMLO is also responsible to make sure your Loan is compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations and that you are informed and knowledgeable about the commitment you’re making. You are even offered a class on home ownership and what it means.

This is a great way to own a home!

Our goal is to get you and your family into a home for the same approximate price as it costs to rent in that neighbor. Why would you rent if you could own for about the same monthly expense? Remember, the rent always increases and it never ends. Your Seller Financed Home payment stays the same and eventually goes to $0! Your payments eventually end!


Call this phone number and you’ll be put on an automatic text list. Once you’re on this list you’ll be notified every time we offer another HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER or (Dueno a Dueno). You’ll also be notified when we are holding an open house. There is a very easy “UNSUBSCRIBE” link at the bottom of each text. Just click that link if you want to be automatically removed. No hassles!

You’ll get immediate info on our Owner Financed Homes.

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What are the benefits of owner financing?

There are a lot of benefits of a owner financing agreement!

In the San Antonio area, lots of regular people are using homes for sale by owner as a way to get the home of their dreams without having to qualify for a traditional loan that requires perfect credit.

In the past few years, banks have been very tight on their lending criteria. People are using seller financed homes to break out of the endless rent cycle.


So don’t wait! Get started now by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

We are looking for responsible renters that would rather own. We are looking for good people that have had bad things happen to them and those bad times have past. Unlike the traditional banks and mortgage companies, Homes2Go.NET doesn’t just look at your credit score, we look into what caused the bad credit score and we look to see if that situation has past. We’ll speak with your references and previous landlords, because relationships matter to us more than just scores assigned by a computer.

We love helping great folks to reach their dreams, so don’t be afraid – fill out the form below to get started!

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